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Marriage Counseling Stories

I clearly remember my brother being madly in love with his girlfriend and was desperate to marry her. First actual love kind of makes the guy looks like an idiot who is always ready to provide his girlfriend with everything she asks for. Every girl acts like a modest and genuine person, however, the real face will start to come out of the veil after the marriage when the reality is not so bed of roses.

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Marriage is a big thing and once you have said “I do” infront of the priest and all family members of the both parties, it becomes a life long commitment, there are legal ways to end a marriage but that’s not why two people get married in the first place. My brother was madly in love with a woman who was brought up in Abu Dhabi by rich parents for which she never knew the value of money.

My brother is an ordinary guy who used to earn a limited amount of money, luxury and wealthy living have been the last thing he could ever ask for.

As I told you earlier, love makes you blind, and within 3 months of their friendship, one day my brother came home to let us know that he wanted to get married. We were utterly shocked to hear his impulsive decision but what could we had had done, he is a grown man who knew what’s best for him. Within a week, my brother got married and left for Abu Dhabi with his wife where he worked as an electrical engineer in a consultancy firm. Life as we thought was going really well for them, when one day the door bell rang which I opened to found out that my brother came back in Bangladesh. He did not want to go back there.

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The true face of his wife was too much to endure for him. My brother and his wife even regularly visited a marriage counsellor in Tulsa, www.meistercounseling.com, who apparently figured out that there were so many differences between them and it was no way that they could get together again. It wasn’t anything about sexual dissatisfaction and infidelity but his wife’s dominating character which forced him to leave his wife and her family permanently. He thought well where could he go to? he came back to his own family again.

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